Tilbury genealogy pages

Welcome to Alan Tilbury's home page....

Since late 1999 I have attempted to uncover the genealogy and history of my Tilbury family and of some of those who have become related to it through marriage, principally the Couldridge, Meek, Page, Deadman and Radley families. On the way I have made a few false starts and many new friends, mainly through the internet and the Maidstone, Kent, Family History Centre of the LDS (Mormon) Church, where my research began. If you are among these, I thank you.

I had intended to present all of my findings on these pages as my research progressed but time and the need to 'get a life' have not permitted such luxury. I have a mass of data which I now believe would best aid future Tilbury researchers if placed in the care of the Society of Genealogists and/or appropriate Records Offices. I am now working towards this so am confining the content of these few pages to a descendant chart and an overview of the family of my earliest-known Tilbury ancestor, my great great grandfather, Thomas Tilbury of Saint Marylebone, London, England, brassfounder and self-styled Gentleman.

My personal Tilbury tree is not very large but David Tilbury of the USA and Linden Tilbury of Australia have encouraged me to merge our three individual trees into a single document which you will also find on Linden's website

I will update this website as new connections are discovered, so please keep coming back and don't hesitate to write to me, Alan "at" arext "dot" plus "dot" com if you can contribute any information on the Tilbury family or require assistance with your own branch.